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Introducing the events

Since the first extreme races in 1992, the first World Championship in 1998 and the introduction of the Skyrunner® World Series in 2004, skyrunning has grown to become a globally renowned sport governed by the International Skyrunning Federation since 2008. More recently, SkySnow and Masters World Championships have been introduced. The sport is practised in more than 65 nations and counts followers from 126 countries.

ISF Championships

2024 Skyrunning World Championships

The 2024 Skyrunning World Championships featuring the VERTICAL, SKY and SKYULTRA disciplines will be held from 6-9 September, 2024 in Soria, Spain.
World titles and 27 medals are at stake for Individuals and Official Teams, together with a Combined Title based on the best results of the VERTICAL and SKY races.

2024 SkySnow World Championships

The second SkySnow World Championships will be held  in Tarvisio, Italy, on March 8-9, 2024.
The race is open only to national teams. Individual world titles and medals are awarded in each discipline.
A combined title based on the best results of the VERTICAL and CLASSIC races is also awarded.

2024 Youth Skyrunning World Championships

The annual Youth Skyrunning World Championships were introduced in 2016. The eighth edition will take place in Bar, Montenegro, on June 28-30, 2024. Four categories, Youth A (15-16), Youth B (17-18), Youth C (19-20) and U23 (21-23) will compete for the 75 medals at stake and individual and combined titles.

2024 Masters Skyrunning World Championships

The second Masters Skyrunning World Championships dedicated to athletes over forty, will take place in Portugal at the Zela Ultra Marathon on April 13-14, 2024 featuring two disciplines: SKY and SKYULTRA. Four categories, Over 40 (40 to 44 years), Over 45 (45 to 49 years), Over 50 (50 to 54 years) and Over 56 (56 or more years) will compete for the 54 medals at stake and individual titles.

2024 VK OPEN Championships

The VK OPEN Championships feature 9 races in eight countries stretching across two continents. All the races have two things in common: the ISF Certified Course Label and parameters that fit the VERTICAL discipline: 1,000m vertical climb over five kilometres. The VK OPEN Champion title and cash prizes will be awarded to the winners at the Grand Finale.

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Sanctioned circuits

2024 Skyrunner® World Series

The Skyrunner® World Series was launched in 2004 and has grown to represent the peak of outdoor running defined by altitude and technicality. The 2024 Series features 21 races in four Continents culminating with the SkyMasters.

2024 Skyrunner® National Series

The Skyrunner® National Series is a promotional circuit derived from the Skyrunner® World Series organised on a national level. In 2024 the SNS are managed by the ISF through its Members. Benefits linked to the Skyrunner® World Series are available to SNS winners.