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2022 Skyrunning World Championships rankings

Rampigada Vertical

September 9, 2022 – San Domenico di Varzo, Domodossola, Italy

Vertical World Champions

Bettelmatt SkyUltra

September 10, 2022 – Valdo, Domodossola, Italy

SkyUltra World Champions

La Veia SkyRace®

September 11, 2022 – Bognanco, Domodossola, Italy

Sky World Champions

Combined World Champions

The Combined title is based on the results accrued by a runner in both the VERTICAL and SKY disciplines. Each runner’s time is compared to the winner’s time to determine the value of the time difference. The athlete with the lowest cumulative percentage is declared the Combined Champion.

Country Ranking Points (provisional)

The Official Country Team ranking is based on the individual points accrued by the top four athletes (at least one per gender) in each race.

Medal Count