The exclusive new training and racing plan. Know before you go!

With #MYSKYRACE you know before you go. ©iancorless.com


#MYSKYRACE is a project offering skyrunners of all levels a unique preview of their own potential in a given race – in advance. The personalised information based on biometrics will help you plan your next race, to train on the actual course (travel restrictions permitting), to programme your nutrition and get insurance cover in both racing and training.


A number of races have been selected from the ongoing ISF Certified Course list and can be found on the #MYSKYRACE application form. As the season progresses, more will be added. Want a race near you to be certified? Race organisers can apply here: Course Certification.


Whether you’re just curious, want to train on a specific course, or for an actual race, #MYSKYRACE will give you all the info you need to set your goals – to know your personalised projected finishing time and the calories required. The plan will also compare your time to the best performance on the course and athletes of other levels, and will confirm your fitness level and body mass index. Course info includes the GPX (which you can download). Additionally, the amount of ascent and descent with their inclines at varying altitudes are listed.

So what’s unique?

An exclusive algorithm based on scientific research on skyrunners has been further developed to provide personalised information for a specific race course – in advance. With #MYSKYRACE, for the first time ever, you’ll know before you go! 

Now is your chance

a) to know your potential on race day – today
b) to train on the actual course (alone, depending on local restrictions)
c) to plan your nutrition with the exact calories you’ll need
d) to get insurance cover in Europe for racing AND training
e) to share your results on social media with the #MYSKYRACE graphic

What we cannot supply is the camaraderie of running with others and the competition. Only the actual race can supply that…

Are there any costs involved?

To see how #MYSKYRACE works, try out our free trial on a sample course first.

For just € 15 you can get personalised data for three races of your choice from an ongoing list on the entry form. To benefit from #MYSKYRACEinsurance is compulsory, either your own, or check out our racing and training cover below.

Get insurance cover for racing and training

A full year’s racing and training insurance is available for only € 12. Whether you’re in a race or out training, your needs are covered (at present available only in Europe). Check it out here.

What are you waiting for?

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