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Continental Councils

Continental Councils are responsible for the administration, development and furtherance of skyrunning in a specific continent or geographic area. The Continental Councils comply with and enforce the rules and regulations of the ISF and co-operate with other ISF bodies. Continental Championships and other competitions are organised, detailed in a specific document.

Continental Councils must create an Athletes’ Committee to provide permanent liaison between active athletes and the Council. One representative appointed by the Athletes’ Committee must be a member of the Continental Council Executive Board.

Katrine Villumsen (Nordic Skyrunning Federation, Denmark) – President

Pawel Raja (Skyrunning Poland, Poland) – Vice-President

Pavlos Georgiades (KOMOAAP, Cyprus) – Secretary

Josep Lluch Torrent (FAM, Andorra)

Juan Manuel Jimenez Sanchez (FEDME, Spain)

João Paulo Queiros (FCMP, Portugal)

Willy Montenegro Garcia (FEACH, Chile) – President

Edgar Usaga Arguedas (FECODEM, Costa Rica) – Vice-President for North & Central America

Ricardo Rivadaneira Samaniego (Skyrunning Peru, Peru) – Vice-President for South America

Rafael Aquino Leal (Skyrunning Brazil, Brazil) – Secretary

Neisa Condemaita (FEBSA, Bolivia) – Athletes representative

José Carlos Sarmiento (GSA, Guatemala)

Luis Edgardo Nuñez Estrada (FEHDME, Honduras)

Erwan Le Bras (JSA, Japan) – President

Munkhzul Mishig (MSF, Mongolia) – Vice-President

Michael Maddess (CSA, Hong Kong, China)

Kuldip Patil (SAI, India)