How to become a member

Who, what, where & how

Please consult the ISF Statutes, Chapter IV Members (articles 5 to 11) which describe the complete procedures and conditions to become an ISF Member.

Follow the questions & answers below:

Who can become an ISF Member?
Associations being actively involved in skyrunning competition.

What type of ISF Memberships exist (Article 5):

  • Full Members with voting rights (Associations which act as the national representatives of the sport of skyrunning)
  • Associate Members (Associations with no voting rights, affiliated with the sport of skyrunning, or associations in countries where an ISF member already exists)
  • Aspirant Members with no voting rights (associations from countries where no ISF member exists)

What criteria do you need to become a Full ISF Member:

  • Membership of the relevant National Olympic Committee or actively seeking such membership
  • Comply with the ISF Statutes and Regulations and with any resolutions adopted by the ISF

What is the definition of a country?
A country, to be defined as such, must comply with at least one of the two following conditions:

  • To be an independent state recognised by the International Community
  • To have a National Olympic Committee recognized by the IOC

Please contact to request the ISF Member Application Form and for any further information.