International Skyrunning Federation



Following an in-depth analysis, the ISF has developed a new system to identify and award stair climbing races with a label.


Since 2009 the ISF has sanctioned the Vertical World Circuit, uniting organisers, creating new events and recruiting and managing elite athletes on some of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers, see www.verticalworldcircuit.com

All stair climbing races can benefit by receiving the ISF “Qualified Race Label ” if the race parameters conform to the ISF standards.

Stair Climbing/Vertical Running” is defined in the ISF Rules (2.3.6) as, ”…races with an an incline over 45% on stairs indoors or outdoors with minimum 100m vertical climb.”

Main factors taken into account

  • International field and international level organization
  • Benefits for top ranked athletes
  • Have had at least two editions
  • English language version on the website

Qualified Race Label benefits

  • Receive the Qualified Race label for the website
  • Inclusion in the official Qualified Races (QR) list
  • Faculty to bid for the Vertical World Circuit

Qualified Race Label costs

  • € 100 flat fee for evalutation and first year
  • Subsequently, €100 annual fee to maintain the status and benefits

For further information: info@skyrunning.com

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