CALENDAR - ISF - International Skyrunning Federation


Introducing the events

Since the first extreme races in 1992, the first World Championship in 1998 and the introduction of the Skyrunner® World Series in 2003, skyrunning has grown to become a globally renowned sport governed by the International Skyrunning Federation. Recently National Series and Continental Championships were introduced. The sport is practised in more than 40 nations and counts followers from 126 countries.

The 2018 Skyrunning World Championships will be held from 13-15 September in Kinlochleven in the Scottish Highlands.
Three skyrunning disciplines will be disputed: VERTICAL, SKY and ULTRA with twenty-seven medals at stake.
The races are open to both individuals and national teams. Individual world titles and medals will be awarded in each discipline as well as a combined title based on the best results of the Vertical and Sky races.


2018 Youth Skyrunning World Championships

Gran Sasso SkyRace® & Gran Sasso Vertical Run, Fonte Cerreto, L’Aquila, Italy – August 3-5
August 3, 2018: Gran Sasso Vertical Run
August 5, 2018: Gran Sasso SkyRace®
Categories: Youth A (16-17), Youth B (18-20) and U23 (21-23).

The Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series was launched in 2004 and has grown to represent the peak of outdoor running defined by altitude and technicality. In 2018 the Series comprises two disciplines: Sky Classic and Sky Extra (SkyUltra & Sky Extreme), featuring 18 races in 12 venues on three continents.

The Skyrunner® National Series are based on the same principle as the World Series awarding titles and prizes at the finals. The Series were introduced in 2014 and represent a platform for athletes to try skyrunning on a national level, before moving on to the international scene. Some of the events may be shared with the Skyrunner® World Series or Continental Championships.

The Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit was created in 2017 as a spin-off from the long-standing Skyrunner® World Series. It is governed by the rules and regulations of the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF). The 2018 VKWC calendar consists of 11 races in six countries.

From the world’s highest mountains to the world’s tallest buildings, vertical running falls under the auspices of the ISF. Since 2009, annual Vertical World Circuit unites iconic skyscrapers in a circuit awarding world titles and cash prizes. The 2018 ranking is based on five out of nine races.