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2022 Skyrunning World Championships

Ossola, Piedmont, Italy – September 9-11, 2022

The 2022 Skyrunning World Championships featuring the VERTICAL, SKY and SKYULTRA disciplines will be held from 9-11 September 2022 in the Ossola Valley, Italy.
World titles and 27 medals are at stake for Individuals and Official Teams, together with a Combined title based on the best results of the Vertical and Sky races.


September 9 – VERTICAL – Rampigada Vertical: 3.8 km long with 1,063m vertical climb

September 10 – SKYULTRA – Bettelmatt SkyUltra: 57.8 km long with 3,508m vertical climb

September 11 – SKY – La Veia SkyRace®: 31 km long with 2,600m vertical climb


Check here the World Championships medals


  • All those wishing to participate in the 2022 Skyrunning World Championships must be selected by their National Member.
  • Every National Member can select a maximum of 18 participants per team, maximum 6 per discipline.
  • Teams can present up to 6 athletes per discipline, with maximum four athletes of the same gender. Possible maximum distributions are: 4M+2W or 3M+3W or 2M+4W.