NEWS - ISF - International Skyrunning Federation


06Dec 2018

The ISF is pleased to announce the 2019 Skyrunning European Championships which will be held in Italy between September 1 and 7. All three disciplines will be disputed   – Vertical, Sky and Ultra. The biennial championships will kick off with the Ultra on September 1 in Lombardy, near Bergamo, with the Ultra Maga SkyMarathon, 50 […]

04Dec 2018

For the first time ever, the Philippines came out top in the 2018 Skyrunning Asian Championships held in Hong Kong, Sunday, December 3, followed by Hong Kong, Japan and Nepal. The Lantau 50 Series hosted both the Sky and Ultra disciplines. Japan’s Yuichi Miura took the gold for the third consecutive year in the Ultra category on […]

29Oct 2018

The eleventh International Skyrunning Federation General Assembly was held on October 12, 2018 in Limone, on Italy’s Lake Garda in an ideal setting buzzing with athletes competing in the 2018 Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series finals. Nineteen voting members, either directly or by proxy, were represented at the meeting, hosted by the Limone Tourist Office. The assembly […]

15Sep 2018

In three days of uncertain and often extreme weather conditions, the 2018 Skyrunning World Championships lit up the sky in the Scottish Highlands with a rainbow of nations and world class competition. Nine countries took medals and 26 National Teams scored points lead by Spain, UK and USA. The third and final event of the […]

14Sep 2018

Cold, storms and wild and windy weather meant safety first and the adoption of Plan B at the Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra valid for the 2018 Skyrunning World Championships in Scotland today. Jonathan Albon and Ragna Debats took the gold for the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Altogether 478 runners from 41 countries bravely faced […]