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#MYSKYRACE – a unique new project by the International Skyrunning Federation

With #MYSKYRACE you know before you go. ©

Race cancellations, lockdowns, travel restrictions? Today, the International Skyrunning Federation launches a unique new project focussing on training outdoors and planning a future race…with a secret weapon.

In many countries, outdoor exercise restrictions are being lifted in May, although social distancing will remain in place initially. Training on an actual course can become a tangible reality.  #MYSKYRACE has been created to offer skyrunners of all levels a unique preview of their own potential in a given race – in advance.

The #MYSKYRACE project is based on an exclusive algorithm developed from scientific research studies carried out on skyrunners over the years and has recently been further elaborated.

Setting personal goals has never been easier. For the first time, personalised information based on biometrics will help runners to know their estimated finishing time and to know their calorie consumption to plan their nutrition.

Other data, such as the athlete’s body mass index and fitness level are confirmed as well as comparisons to other levels together with race data such as the GPX, the amount of ascent and descent and their incline at varying altitudes.

A number of races have been selected from the ongoing ISF Certified Course list for runners to choose from. As little or no training has been possible in many countries under lockdown, the courses are all under four hours for the winning time with less than 2,500m vertical climb. As the season progresses, more will be added.

#MYSKYRACE brings benefits to race organisers too. Knowing the level of their participants is an important safety feature and can be useful to organise staged starts and finish time limits.

For peace of mind, insurance cover for both racing and training has been integrated to back up the scheme (at the present time only available in Europe).

To kick off the #MYSKYRACE project, try out our free trial first. The personalised plan can be bought with a choice of three races on the list for €10.

With many races cancelled or postponed this year, #MYSKYRACE is the ideal plan to motivate runners to know their potential – at home, in training or in an actual race – before they go!

This is just the first step of the #MYSKYRACE plan which will be further developed throughout the season to benefit both runners and race organisers.

Discover #MYSKYRACE here