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2018 General Assembly closes the season

ISF President Marino Giacometti awards the gold medal to Kilian Jornet for the Sky category at the 2018 World Championships. ©

The eleventh International Skyrunning Federation General Assembly was held on October 12, 2018 in Limone, on Italy’s Lake Garda in an ideal setting buzzing with athletes competing in the 2018 Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series finals.

Nineteen voting members, either directly or by proxy, were represented at the meeting, hosted by the Limone Tourist Office. The assembly was chaired by Silvio Calvi, Vice President, International Relations, and Marino Giacometti, President.

Giacometti reported on the various ISF activities and the evolution of the sport since the first World Championships held in 1998 and the ISF foundation in 2008 to the present.

Jon Albon and Ragna Debats take the gold for UK and Netherlands in the Ultra category. ©

He underlined the recent and highly successful Skyrunning World Championships held in the Scottish Highlands where 1,830 skyrunners from 40 countries competed in the Vertical, Sky and Ultra disciplines, in often very challenging weather conditions. Nine countries took medals and 26 National Teams scored points lead by Spain, UK and, for the first time, USA.

The third edition of the Youth Skyrunning World Championships held in Abruzzo, Italy confirmed a 36% increase over last year with 18 countries represented with 11 taking home medals.

Plans for the future growth and improvement of the federation were also presented with a view to finding new areas of development such as the ISF Qualified Races and Courses to certify skyrunning courses around the world, together with environmental, research and anti-doping proposals.

Winning line-up of the 2018 Youth Skyrunning World Championships. ©Discover Abruzzo

Giacometti stressed the importance of strengthening the relationship between the ISF and its members and presented new guidelines.

Accounts for 2017 were approved by the assembly, following the positive report from the auditors and information was giving on the current financial situation for 2018. The 2019 budget was approved.

A brief presentation featuring the successful social media statistics and online clippings on the two championships was presented, underlining the ISF leadership in this sector.

Celebrating the ISF Annual General Assembly, September 12, 2018. ©

New fees were proposed and accepted for Aspirant Members and a 20% increase for Voting Members dedicated towards future Youth World Championships. Finally, India was added as new national member.

The Assembly concluded with the re-election of Marino Giacometti as ISF President, Lauri van Houten as Vice President and Joana Caros Salgado as Secretary.

A big thanks for the suppport to all our members, old and new and of course the athletes to whom we wish “Less cloud. More Sky”!