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Skyrunning double Grand Finale – SWS SkyMasters & VK OPEN in Limone sul Garda

The Limone Xtreme is back on the Skyrunner® World Series with the SkyMasters and 85 world-class qualifiers lined up. ©

Grand Finale? It’s time for a mega event at Limone Xtreme on Italy’s magnificent Lake Garda this weekend with both the 2023 Skyrunner® World Series SkyMasters and the VK OPEN Championships celebrating the end of the season – big time.

The much-anticipated Skyrunner® World Series SkyMasters will kick off on Saturday, October 28 with the classic Limone Xtreme where the € 100,000 prize purse will be assigned, with the first man and woman taking home € 20,000 each. To be eligible, athletes must have completed in at least three Series’ races, finishing in the top 10 in at least one. With more points awarded in the SkyMasters – the heat is on. A €10,000 prize purse is also awarded to the overall Limone Xtreme race winners by the organisers.

With 85 qualifiers at the start line, the competition will be hot. They include 31 medallists from 11 countries who qualified in the 2023 ISF Continental, Youth, Masters and Skyrunner® National Series.

The final challenge lies in the 22.2 km course of the Limone Xtreme with 2,055m vertical climb to an altitude of 1,530m. Technical, over rocky limestone, with some very steep and exposed stretches on both the ascent and descent, the race starts and finishes by the lake shore.

The third edition of the VK OPEN Championships will see 13 countries participate in the final.  ©Ufficio Stampa LimonExtreme

The same morning, the final of the 13-race VK OPEN Championships will take place where athletes from 26 countries participated. In this third edition, the World Champion titles and trophies are up for grabs. A maximum of three races will be counted, including the final.

The steep technical course of the Grèste de la Mughera VK climbs 1,094m high above the lake for 4 km along a crest with sections of scrambling and fixed ropes, reaching 1,143m altitude.

Last year’s VK OPEN Champions were Nicolas Lasen from Chile and Mojca Koligar from Slovenia who will again take on the challenge. Last year’s race winner, Italian Marcello Ugazio will be back, this time aiming for a trophy as well as the win.

Italy’s Lorenzo Beltrami will go into the SkyMasters with a gold medal in his pocket from the European Championships. ©

Among the top ranked runners at the SkyMasters start line, will be: Italy’s Lorenzo Beltrami, gold medallist at the European Championships. “Yes, I’m really stoked to participate in the SkyMasters,” commented Beltrami. “I can’t wait to run my preferred distance, despite the elevation which is not 100% for me.
Every race is different in our sport and every day is different. To run with the European Skyrunning Champion title makes me feel part of the long list of champions that will be there on Saturday – a game to play and to run. I can’t wait!”

Joining the elite will be Mexico’s Karina Carsolio, second on the Skyrunner® World Series ranking, who also boasts a gold medal in the North & Central American Skyrunning Championships, together with last year’s race winner, and 2022 Skyrunning World Champion, Roberto Delorenzi from Switzerland, who will be back for more.

Mexico’s Karino Carsolio, ranked second in the SWS is aiming for a top spot in the SkyMasters. ©Giacomo Meneghello

What makes Limone a special race?” Marino Giacometti, ISF President remarked, “From 2013 to 2019 on the Skyrunner® World Series, the race is back with the SkyMasters final. The excellent organisation and passion of the organisers make this race special. The steep ascents and descents of the course make it a skyrunning favourite. Add the warm hospitality, the incredible setting and climate, it’s a race on everyone’s bucket list and one athletes from across the world love to come back to.”

The International Skyrunning Federation which carries out anti-doping tests in its championships and sanctions the Skyrunner® World Series, will carry out WADA antidoping tests at the SkyMasters.

This key event will also host the International Skyrunning Federation’s Annual General Assembly on Friday, October 27, 2023 where 23 nations will be represented.

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