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After conquering the SKY in today’s Masters, Portugal, Brazil and Japan top the country ranking

Ana Sousa won a silver in the O40 adding to Portugal’s 17 medals. ©DamianoBenedettoPhoto

The second edition of the Masters Skyrunning World Championships saw host country, Portugal also top the medal count, followed by Hungary and Brazil.

The small town of Vouzela in central Portugal hosted the two Masters’ events – today’s SKY discipline, the Zela SkyRace®, 37 km long featuring a tough and technical 2,500m vertical climb, and yesterday’s SKYULTRA – the Zela Ultra Marathon, 55 km long with 3,600m of pure skyrunning ascent.

Overall, twenty countries participated, battling for world titles and the 51 medals at stake across four age categories. The first three over-forties male and female athletes to cross the line in each event took home world titles and medals, while Official Teams gathered points for the country ranking where Portugal, Brazil and Japan came out on top.

Women’s O40 podium with the gold going to Erzsebet Prokopp (HUN), Ana Sousa (POR) took the silver and Ivania Rambo (BRA), the bronze. ©DamianoBenedettoPhoto

Portugal secured 17 well-earned medals across the two events. João Luis Queiroz, President of the ISF Portugal member, FCMP, commented, “I thank everybody for coming – the athletes and national teams, the local organisation for setting up the event with the special support from Vouzela Municipality and, of course, the ISF for assigning the Masters Championships to the Zela Ultra Marathon. The Portuguese team had a special opportunity by participating with a big team, so it was a great opportunity to earn some beautiful medals.”

Japan’s Ryuji Yamamoto who finished top-ten in the O55 category today, stated, “Last year we arrived this close to the bronze medal, but this year we got it for real! The notable thing is that all nine runners who came to the event finished their race, even if the terrain is very technical. We are very proud not only for the medal, but because we proved the high level of the Japanese athletes.” His team-mate, Masanao Uchida, was the oldest competitor, at 65, to conclude the race.

Masanao Uchida from Japan, the oldest competitor in the SKY, took the bronze medal for his country. ©DamianoBenedettoPhoto

Among the top athletes competing, Anna Strakova, 50 from the Czech Republic, took home another gold medal in the O50 category. “I’m very happy to get my second medal for the Masters. It was totally different from last year, but I love doing different races. Here in Portugal there were a lot of rocks, very hot weather, a river to cross, mud… It was tough but I enjoyed it!” Still 50, with two gold medals, she has four years to go before hitting the O55 category. “It all depends on my health but until I can, I will do it!” she concluded.

Anna Strakova from the Czech Republic took her second gold in the second Masters O50. ©DamianoBenedettoPhoto

Official teams
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Hungary, Japan, Mongolia, Montenegro, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, United Kingdom, Venezuela.

Getting older but always reaching for the sky is also a great way of earning a medal – for yourself and your country. Look out for the 2025 Masters Championships where another shower of medals will be up for grabs.

The Masters Skyrunning World Championships events were overseen by both International and National referees.

Masters Skyrunning World Championships SKY
Individual medal count

Men O40
Gold – Carlos Cipres (ESP)
Silver – Francisco Pastor (ESP)
Bronze – Luca Arrigoni (ITA)

Women O40
Gold – Erzsebet Prokopp (HUN)
Silver – Ana Sousa (POR)
Bronze – Ivania Rambo (BRA)

Men O45
Gold – Americo Caldeira (POR)
Silver – Ivan Tejero (ESP)
Bronze – Nuno Serrada (POR)

Women O45
Gold – Cristina Ramirez (ESP)
Silver – Paula Barbosa (POR)
Bronze – Olivia Sousa (POR)

Men O50
Gold – Elio Aveiro (POR)
Silver – Francisco Bombarely (ESP)
Bronze – Marcolino Verissimo (POR)

Women O50
Gold – Anna Strakova (CZE)
Silver – Angelika Eckl (ITA)
Bronze – Ana Nascimento (POR)      

Men O55
Gold – Markus Stock (AUT)
Silver – Petre Dragomir (ROU)
Bronze – Americo Pereira (POR)

Women O55
Gold – Adriane Clasen (BRA)
Silver – Cidalia Martins (POR)
Bronze – Maria Silva (BRA)

Zela SkyRace® results

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