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2024 Skyrunner® National Series

The Skyrunner® National Series (SNS) is a promotional circuit derived from the Skyrunner® World Series organised on a national level.

The Series consists of races falling under the SKY and SKYULTRA disciplines. The VERTICAL discipline can also be included.

The top three men and women in each SNS ranking will qualify for the SkyMasters, the last race on the Skyrunner® World Series calendar. Also the top three men and women in a SNS race selected by the manager qualify for the SkyMasters.
The qualifying races for the SkyMasters selected in each nation are highlighted in bold.

The 2024 Skyrunner® National Series are the following:

Race NameCategoryDateDistanceVertical climb
Hochkönig SkyRace®SKY01/06/2432.6 km2,720m
Kaiserkrone SkyRace®SKY29/06/2425.2 km2,760m
Saalbacher 6 Summits SkyraceSKY18/08/2419 km2,100m


Race Name Category Date Distance Vertical climb
MeiaBotas – Cambotas Trail Fest SKY 03/02/24 28 km 1,700m
Base Vertical VERTICAL 23/02/24 4.1 km 866m
Base SkyRace® SKY 24/02/24 31 km 2,170m
Base Ultra SkyMarathon® SKYULTRA 24/02/24 51 km 3,700m
Catas Altas Vertical VERTICAL 03/05/24 4.6 km 1,040m
Catas Altas SkyRace® SKY 04/05/24 22 km 1,750m
Insanity Mountain Pico da Bandeira SkyRace® SKY 09/03/24 27 km 1,848m
Insanity Mountain Pico da Bandeira Ultra SkyMarathon® SKYULTRA 09/03/24 57 km 4,050
Jaraguá VK® VERTICAL 19/04/24 3.9 km 860m
Jaraguá SkyRace® SKY 20/04/24 27 km 1,950m
Jaraguá Ultra SkyMarathon SKYULTRA 20/04/24 52 km 3,300m
Pico do Urubu SkyRace® SKY 19/05/24 21 km 1,400m
Evolution Itatiaia National Park SkyRace® SKY 08/06/24 22 km 1,270m
Terras Altas SkyRace® SKY 06/07/24 36 km 2,180m
Terras Altas Ultra SkyMarathon® SKYULTRA 06/07/24 55 km 3,360m
Ultramaratona dos Perdidos SKYULTRA 13/07/24 51 km 3,100m
Insanity Mountain Mestre Álvaro VK® VERTICAL 26/06/24 4.8 km 1,014m
Insanity Mountain Mestre Álvaro SkyRace® SKY 27/07/24 38 km 3,500m
Insanity Mountain Forno Grande VK® VERTICAL 04/10/24 5 km 1,002m
Insanity Mountain Forno Grande SkyRace® SKY 05/10/24 35 km 2,100m
Race Name Category Date Distance Vertical climb
Kodzha Kaya SKY 28/04/24 26 km 1,600m
Tran Sky SKY 11/05/24 24 km 1,650m
Parangalitsa VK VERTICAL 15/06/24 4.7 km 960m
Triglav Sky SKY 07/07/24 34 km 2,300m
Balkaniada SKY 04/08/24 44 km 2,700m
Pirin Extreme SKY 22/09/24 38 km 3,300m
Belasitsa Sky SKY 12/10/24 33 km 2,000m
Rebel Trail Marathon SKY 26/10/24 42 km 2,500m

Race NameCategoryDateDistanceVertical climb
Trail del Centenario LovatoSKY08/06/2423 km1,417m
International Rosetta SkyRace®SKY01/09/2422.4 km1,740m
Zacup SkyRace® del GrignoneSKY15/09/2427 km2,650m


Race Name Category Date Distance Vertical climb
Ueda SkyRace® SKY 04/05/24 25 km 3,000m
Sapporo Teine Trail SKY 16/06/24 33 km 2,100m
Tsumagoi Skyrun SKY 18/08/24 40 km 2,700m
Eboshi Skyrun SKY 13/10/24 34 km 2,800m
Uonuma Skyrun SKY 03/11/24 20 km 1,700m

Race NameCategoryDateDistanceVertical climb
CxM Miranda EmpresasSKY14/04/2428.7 km1,840m
SkyRace® TrencacimsSKY05/05/2434 km2,420m
CxM Igualeja SkyRace®SKY15/06/2425 km1,650m


Race NameCategoryDateDistanceVertical climb
Scafell SkyRace®SKY01/06/2440 km2,800m
14 Peaks UltraSKYULTRA22/06/2453 km3,900m
Snowdon SkyRace®SKY22/06/2438 km3,300m
Copper SkyTrailSKY22/06/2427 km2,300m
Helvellyn SkyUltraSKYULTRA20/07/2457 km3,700m
St. Sunday Mountain RaceSKY20/07/2429 km2,050m
Seven Sisters Skyline – SkySKY21/09/2430 km2,100m
Seven Sisters Skyline – SkyUltraSKYULTRA21/09/2455 km4,000m
Mourne SkylineSKY12/10/2435 km2,700m