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World’s Highest Marathon

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is the selected location for the world’s highest Vertical Kilometer®, Marathon and Ultra Marathon programmed for May 9, 2022.

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Races details

World’s Highest Vertical Kilometer®

Distance: 3.5 km
Vertical climb: 1,000m+
Highest point: 5,895m

World’s Highest Marathon

Distance: 42.2 km
Vertical climb: 1,836m+
Total climb: 5,550m
Highest point: 5,895m

World’s Highest Ultra Marathon

Distance: 53.6 km
Vertical climb: 1,836m+
Total climb: 6,665m
Highest point: 5,895m

The races are organised by World’s Highest Marathon owned by E P Global Events Limited. In a week-long contest of ascent and acclimatisation, the participants will take on one, two or all three races.

For more info and race entry: World’s Highest Marathon