2020 Skyrunning World Championships entry guidelines

Vall de Boí, Pyrenees, Spain – 9-11 July, 2021

Three events, Vertical, Sky and Ultra disciplines will be disputed at the 2020 Skyrunning World Championships:

ULTRA – July 10
SKY – July 11


The Championships are open only to Official National Teams.


– An individual ranking system will be implemented in each race according to the following breakdown: 100-88-78-72-68-66-64-62-60-58-56-54-52-50 down to 2 points for the finishers.
– The Combined World Champion title is based on the best results in both VK & Sky. Runners’ times in both races will be compared to the winner’s and the difference (in %) will determine the Combined ranking.
– National ranking will be based on the individual points accrued by the top four athletes (at least one per gender) in each race, ie 3M+1W, 2M+2W, 1M+3W.


– Titles and medals will be awarded to individuals and nations. Cash prizes will be awarded to individuals according to race rules.


– Slots are reserved in the three races to runners competing in the World Championships
– Free entry is available for two athletes of each Official National Team