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Following an in-depth analysis, the ISF has developed a new system to identify and award skyrunning races with a label. After the successful launch in 2018 of the Qualified Race/Course labels, the new system is split into two distinct sections: “Certified Course” and “Qualified Race”.


Skyrunning and Vertical Kilometer® race organisers can request the Certified Course Label.

The label is awarded to courses compliant with ISF definitions. A number of parameters, together with the GPX data are evaluated and an exclusive algorithm is applied.

Essential factors for Course Certification

  • Average incline
  • Altitude
  • Distance
  • Terrain
  • Uphill section
  • Vertical climb


  • Organiser supplies online form
  • Organiser provides GPX course profile, photo and/or video
  • ISF elaborates GPX track analysis elaborated with dedicated algorithm
  • ISF analyses the technical level of the course and rules

Races that receive ISF approval and pay the designated fee will receive the Certified Course (CC) Label and will be included in the annual list published on www.skyrunning.com. Races that don’t meet the minimum requirements will not be included.

Certified Course Label benefits

  • Inclusion on the official Certified Course (CC) list
  • Receive the CC Label certificate (valid for three years) and official CC tag (valid for one year) for website
  • Faculty to bid for international skyrunning championships and circuits
  • Inclusion in the Technical Classification of Courses

Certified Course Label costs

  • € 200 flat fee for evaluation and first year
  • € 100 flat fee for Vertical Kilometer® races
  • Subsequently, €100 annual fee to maintain the status and benefits

(This fee does not include eventual fees to the National Member)

To have your race recognised as a Certified Course (CC) and receive the CC Label, please fill in the online form here

Certified Course list


The ISF has the faculty to select races awarding the “Qualified Race” (QR) Label, based on a number of parameters.

Stair Climbing/Vertical Running” defined in the ISF Rules (2.3.6) as, ”…races with an an incline over 45% on stairs indoors or outdoors with minimum 100m vertical climb.” Due to the basic parameters, this category does not require a CC Label. The other factors and benefits listed above apply.

Main factors taken into account

  • English language version on the website
  • International field and international level organization
  • Benefits for top ranked athletes
  • Have had at least two editions

Qualified Race Label benefits

  • Receive the Qualified Race label for the website
  • Inclusion in the official Qualified Races (QR) list

For further information: info@skyrunning.com

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