bid application youth skyrunning world championships


Extract August, 2021

EVENT – Annual event organised in one venue. Concomitant circuits, championships or series must be approved by the ISF. Date and geographical area must be compatible with other international level skyrunning races.

RACE CATEGORIES – The official event categories are: SKY, VERTICAL. SKY race must be max 20 km long and under 3,000m altitude. A 15 km long course must also be available for Youth A category.

ATHLETE CATEGORIES – The Youth official categories are three:

  • Youth A (15-17 years)
  • Youth B (18-20 years)
  • U23 (21-23 years)

RACE STANDARDS, RULES – The race must have had at least one previous edition. The standard must be of an international level. ISF rules will prevail in case of dispute.

ENTRIES – Youth Skyrunning World Championships are open only to official National Teams. Eventual other categories and start systems may be defined. Individual medals and titles will be awarded to the champions in each category. Only official nations will be ranked.

OFFICIAL NATIONAL TEAM ENTRIES – Race entry is guaranteed to all official National Teams.

ISF AWARDS – RANKING AND MEDALS – National team selection, ranking and medals are managed by ISF. At the end of each race, the first three ranked men and women will receive medals. The national teams with the most points will receive medals. 

ISF rules

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