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The International Skyrunning Federation has developed a label to recognize races with an official “stamp of approval”. The project, aimed at strongly identifying the characteristics of the sport, was approved at the General Assembly in 2017.

Various factors are taken into consideration, from the basic parameters of distance, vertical climb, altitude, etc to the quality of the field, the finishing time as well as a specially developed algorithm. Ratings are from 0 to a maximum of 5. Races that don’t meet the minimum requirements will not be included.

2018 ISF Qualified Races


Main factors taken into account:

  • Race conforms to ISF parameters (see ISF Rules)
  • Course parameters (average incline, climb, peak reach, altitude, snow/glacier)
  • Athletes’ participation (number, finishing times, nations, etc)


  • Overall evaluation calculated with dedicated algorithm
  • Course evaluation & GPS track analysis by ISF Referee
  • Technical level evaluation


  • Inclusion in the list of official ISF Qualified Races on
  • Use of ISF Qualified Race logo on the race website
  • An ISF Qualified Race automatically has the faculty to bid for World Championships, Continental Championships, Youth World Championships, Skyrunner® National Series or Skyrunner® World Series races
  • Inclusion in future ISF Global Ranking which will take into account all ISF Qualified Races

Label costs:

  • €300 flat entry fee
  • €200 for races (*) approved by ISF Referee
  • €200 annual fee to maintain this status and benefits
  • This fee does not include eventual fees to the National Member

(*) Skyrunner® World Series & ISF Championships

All races already approved by an ISF Referee for Skyrunner® World Series, Skyrunning World and Continental Championships will be automatically recognised as ISF Qualified Races.

To have your race recognized as an official “ISF Qualified Race”, please fill in the online form here.


Updated: February 19, 2018