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COMPRESSPORT® - stars at Skyrunning World Championships

Elisa Desco, Compressport athlete, 2nd at Zegama. (c) iancorless.com

COMPRESSPORT® partners with skyrunning 360°. Already on board with the Skyrunner® World Series, the ISF is proud to include COMPRESSPORT® as Official Sponsor of the 2014 Skyrunning World Championships to be held in Chamonix, June 27-29. The brand will be present with a number of world-class athletes competing

Competing in the Mont-Blanc 80K are (ladies first) top international Ultra runners endorsing COMPRESSPORT®:  Nuria Picas (Spain) and Fernanda Maciel (Brazil), while in the Mont-Blanc Marathon, Italy’s Elisa Desco is expected to be among the top finishers in the highly competitive women’s field.  

In the men’s field, look out for Frenchmen: Martin Gaffuri, Aurélien Dunand-Pallaz, Maxime Cazajous; Canada’s Jason Loutitt, Australia’s Caine Warburton and Nepal’s Phudorjee Lama Sherpa in the 80k. In the Vertical KM, Frenchman William Bon-Mardion and Czech Republic’s Pavel Brydl competing in both the VK and Marathon.

COMPRESSPORT®, leader in compression products designed for athletes, is a welcome addition to the other leading sports brands partnering Skyrunning: Salomon, SCOTT Sports, inov-8, La Sportiva and Active Patch 4U, World Series main sponsor.

Hailing from a medical research background specialising in compression products for sport, the brand is sold in more than 70 countries and is used by 500 athletes endorsing the product, designed for performance and recovery.

Martin Gaffuri, Compressport athlete. (c)iancorless.com

COMPRESSPORT® will be present at the World Championships not only with their athletes, but with a booth in the brand village where experts will be on hand.

The TRAIL Running Line aims to address athletes’ needs in extreme conditions and to improve their performance and enhance recovery.  The line includes shorts, T-shirt, quad sleeves, R2 calf sleeves and a unique sock designed specifically for trail running. Every aspect of the product is carefully studied, different morphologies are taken into account, hundreds of different yarns and fabrics are tested. Seamless construction maximises the efficiency and lifetime of the product which is rigorously tested in every production phase.

“We respond to the problems that athletes face daily. Whether to improve performance, enhance recovery or to help them in their everyday life”, says Jordi Solé, managing director of COMPRESSPORT® International.
“COMPRESSPORT® co-operates closely with athletes, scientists and physicians to meet athletes’ requirements in compression, endurance and recovery”.
“We are extremely happy to be able to co-operate with the International Skyrunning Federation. Both the ISF and COMPRESSPORT® concentrate on their athletes and their performance, so it was quite logical to enter into this partnership.”

COMPRESSPORT® will be present at all the major events in the Skyrunner® World Series where the products will be on show and worn by some of the world’s top trail runners competing in these prestigious events.

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2014 Skyrunning World Championships

2014 Skyrunner® World Series