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ISF Ultra ranking – top 100 men and 50 women announced

The start of the Transvulcania Ultramarathon, ISF qualifier. © Ian Corless

As promised earlier in the year, a ranking has been devised for the three skyrunning disciplines based on 54 races in 2013 (24 Ultra, 20 Sky and 10 Vertical). One of the principal aims was  to take into account the quality of the field and the time relative to the winner, along with a proprietary ISF algorithm and other factors.

Today we announce the top 100 men out of 613 selected from 38 nations in 24 races across five continents.  The top 50 ranked women are named out of  273 from 27 nations .  Subsequently, all the runners will be listed along with the Sky and Vertical rankings to be published later.

Here’s an overview:

The ranking was elaborated on the basis of the participation and results obtained by the athletes in the international races selected by the ISF.

In calculating the points, the ranking is based on a proprietory ISF algorithm specifically studied for outdoor running, based on consolidated algorithms used by the International Ski Federation.

Fifty-four races were selected for the 2013 season (24 Ultra, 20 Sky and 10 Vertical) – see ISF announcement in March.  The selection was aimed at identifying the world’s most prestigious races with the greatest number of elite athletes participating, as indicated in the ISF news in January.

In each selected race, the first 30 men and first 15 women were counted. For each athlete, points were calculated on the basis of :  the final position, the time relative to the winner  and the number of elite athletes ahead or behind.

The final points were calculated on the average of the three best results of the season obtained by each athlete.  For athletes who did not participate in at least three of the selected races throughout the season, a penalty of 11% was applied to those who participated in only two races, and 22% was applied to those who participated in just one.

The 2014 ranking will be based on 2013, but with a more precise indication of the elite athletes based on the previous year’s ranking.

The ISF ranking will be complete at the end of the 2015 season as the points will be calculated on the average of the previous three seasons with a weighted coefficient for each year.

The ISF assesses the yearly performances in their whole  within the context of the results and performance in each race.  As in other disciplines, it does not analyse the performance in absolute terms due to the many variables in outdoor running (vertical climb, type of terrain, climate, level of the competition… etc), the comparison between different races or different editions of the same race, would be too approximate.

2013 ISF Ultra ranking

Top 100 men

Top 50 women

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