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Arc’teryx team heads for skyrunning finals

Florian Reichert - Photo © iancorless.com

October 11, 2013

The Skyrunner® World Series comes to a close this coming weekend in Limone, the stunning setting of Lake Garda providing a dramatic backdrop to the close of the Vertical and Sky Series.

Official partner of the International Skyrunning Federation, Arc’teryx have had a strong presence at all events in the 2013 season and Limone Extreme will be no different.
Tessa Hill - Photo © iancorless.com
The Vertical and Sky Series have seen the dynamic trio of Nicola Golinelli, Florian Reichert and Didier Zago performing at a consistently high level.

Florian Reichert has had a great first year with Arc’teryx. He has openly admitted that his transition from fast road marathons to Skyrunning has been a baptism of fire. However, it is one that he has embraced and he is currently 19th overall in the Sky Series. Just recently he said, ‘I’m fit, motivated and very excited about travelling to Lake Garda’.

Briton Tessa Hill is a Vertical specialist and the 2012 season provided a springboard and platform for the Skyrunner Vertical Series in 2013. Tessa has performed at a highly competitive level in the series and is currently rewarded with 4th-place overall. Laura Orgue (Salomon Santiveri) is currently holding the final podium place in the series with just 32-points ahead of Tessa. If Tessa can pull a top performance out of the hat on race day in Limone, a podium place in the Skyrunner World series may just be hers!

Dreams of closing the season in glory have vanished for top runners Nicola Golinelli from Italy and Didier Zago from France. Nicola, currently 5th in the Sky series and 20th in the Vertical, is unable to participate after a recent biking accident, while Didier, currently 8th on the Vertical ranking and 28th in the Sky Series is also injured and unable to race until next season.

Arc’teryx flag carriers Tessa Hill and Florian Reichert will be giving it their all at the closing events.

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Didier Zago - Photo © iancorless.com

The Vertical Series Team Ranking is led by La Sportiva, followed by FAM (Andorra), FEEC (Catalan Selection), Arc’teryx and Salomon Santiveri taking the first five places.

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